Rebirth number 2 x 1052

In my capacity as a priest I have told people that rebirth is not a one-time process, but an iterative one.  I use one Planck time, a very small span of time indeed, as my way of reminding people of this.  The universe can undergo so many changes in a second.  Even granting how slowly our thoughts propagate through our chemical-soup brains, you can see my point.

It’ll be four weeks tomorrow that I broke my arm.  I have not driven my car except literally around the block and once with a friend riding shotgun and ready to help, because two arms will be needed if I find myself in a difficult spot with stupid other drivers.  So I’ve not left the house much.

Until yesterday, I wasn’t cleared to move my wrist enough to type with both hands (which I am now doing joyously), and I still can’t mouse comfortably (give me a few more days), so I’ve used computers less and turned to my convenient addiction (Warcraft) virtually not at all.

When Bob Dylan had his motorcycle accident in 1966, he took an extended time off from recording and touring to reassess his priorities.  Mercifully my injury is less traumatic, and the recovery faster, but I’ve been doing the same.  (He did not just compare himself to Dylan.  Oh yes he did.)

Until the 14th of this month it had been 5 months since I felt I had anything to say.  I feel I’m regaining my voice and am ready to come back down from my mountain for a while.

I should mention to people who read this on LiveJournal that in all sincerity, I don’t read other people’s LJs these days.  Haven’t in months.  Been a little self-absorbed.  I also don’t plan on changing this very much in future; I’ll probably add a blogroll to my own site and RSS feed the people I most want to read, but that’s about it.

I have literally hundreds of friends on things like facebook and livejournal and so forth.  Don’t get the wrong impression, I don’t think you’re bad people, but let’s be realistic.  I don’t have a whole ton of friends, and that’s okay.  I’m fine with the “amicable casual acquaintance” space in many folks’ lives, and you should mostly be so with mine.  There you have it.