This is an evolving collection of links of Egyptological interest. Some of them will be quite scholarly/specialized, not necessarily for people who are only casually interested in Egypt.



  • — The names of the pharaohs, with full titularies and citations



Locations and Monuments


  • The Theban Royal Mummy Project by Wm. Max Miller, M.A. Don’t let the old Tripod site and old-fashioned HTML fool you, this is chock full of content with excellent source citations.


I am not an Egyptologist. I do not have any academic credentials in the field; I do not claim to and I never have claimed to do so.

I have taught a college course on Egyptology “101” through a program that allowed undergrads, with faculty approval, to teach about subjects of interest to other undergrads as a free elective, and I have been very interested in ancient Egypt almost as long as I can remember, but I am not an Egyptologist and will never claim to be one (unless at some point I do obtain a graduate degree in the subject, but at this point in my life that is highly unlikely).

I claim only to be a person who is fascinated by ancient Egypt and has learned as much as they can about it in their spare time, enjoys sharing their enthusiasm about it with others, and definitely encourages anyone who finds themselves seriously interested to look at the sources I myself have learned from, and any others they may find.

In 2023 we find the notion of “expertise” has become almost a laughing matter among many people, but I do not consider it such, and that is why I want to be very clear about myself here. I am not an expert in this field, except when compared to the “average” person. My knowledge of Egypt pales next to that of any actual Egyptologist.

Any errors in these pages are mine alone unless I am correctly quoting from a source that is later proved to be wrong, but I will correct any mistakes as soon as possible if I am made aware of them.

I am an official bronze-level sponsor of Nephthys’s name, Gardiner hieroglyph O9, in the Unicode Consortium’s Adopt-a-Character program