Hymn to Amun for Pawah

This is the text of a hymn to Amun which was found in a hieratic graffito at the entrance of the tomb of Pere in the Theban necropolis. It seems that Pawah was a blind priest, and his brother, a draftsman, wrote this down on his behalf.

Year 3, third month of Inundation, day 10; the King of Upper and Lower Egypt, Lord of the Two Lands, Ankhkheperure, the Son of Re Neferneferuaten.

Giving praise to Amun, prostration before Wennefer, by the wꜥb priest, scribe of the divine offerings of Amun in the House of Ankhkheperure in Thebes, Pawah, born of Iotefsoneb. He says:

My heart desires to see you, lord of the persea trees,
when your throat takes the north wind.

You give satiety without eating;
you give intoxication without drinking.

My heart desires to see you; my heart rejoices,
O Amun, champion of the poor man.

You are the father of the orphan,
the husband of the widow.

Agreeable is the pronunciation of your name;
it is like the taste of life.

It is like the taste of bread to the child,
a loincloth to the naked.

You are like the breath of freedom
to a man who has been in prison.

Turn yourself toward us, lord of eternity!
You were here before anything had come into existence.

You cause me to see the darkness you have have given;
illuminate me, that I may see you.

As your soul endures,
and as your beautiful, beloved face endures,
you shall come from afar,
granting that this servant, the scribe Pawah,
may see you.
Give to him “Enduring is Re, Enduring is Re!”

Verily the worship of you is good, O Amun,
the lord great to seek, if only he may be found.

Turn away fear;
place joy in the hearts of men.

Joyful is the man that sees you, O Amun;
he is in festival every day.

For the ka of the wꜥb priest, the scribe of the temple of Amun in the House of Ankhkheperure, Pawah, born of Iotefsoneb.

For thy ka! Spend a happy day among the people of your town!

(Signed) His brother, the outline draftsman, Bathay of the House of Ankkheperure.