Statement of Intent

The first prerequisite for success in magick is a clear understanding of one’s own intent.

The first purpose of these pages is to provide a repository for my own magical works.  Documents of a more “permanent/finished” sort, rather than of the “journal/blog” variety, will be stored here. (Obviously my own blog is hosted at this website as well.)

The second purpose of this site is to provide links to the most useful and informative websites of occult interest on the net. The goal is quality, not quantity: a lot of useful, well-written material and links to other quality sites in one single site.

Many specific links which I once included here are no longer needed, because the Internet has matured a lot since I started doing this way back in about 1994. The combination of Google, Wikipedia, and a little curiosity alone can get you extremely far.

I will also include certain topics (such as yoga, Freemasonry, or mythology) which may not be considered strictly “occult”, because these topics are closely related to areas of occult interest and may be of use to the occult researcher.