The Bornless One

So near the end of the Bornless Invocation is the phrase “‘The heart girt with a serpent’ is my name! ” The Greek original of this sentence, in the British museum collection, is “ονομα μοι καρδια περιεζωσμενη οφιν”, “onoma moi kardia periezosmene ophin”, “name my heart girt/girdled/encircled serpent”.

I didn’t have anything in my Gematria database for the full phrase. So I broke it down by word. καρδια = 136 = “Illuminati” in English, also a Hebrew word for speech or voice (קול).

περιεζωσμενη = 1310 = Hb. קשרין “members, participants, conspirators”. Huh.

οφιν = 630 = Hb. for the Holy Spirit, or for Seraphim, or for the phrase “thine eye”.

“The voice of the members of the Holy Spirit”, “The voice of the conspirators of the seraphim”, or even “The illuminated conspirators of thine Eye” all strike me as perfectly good esoteric readings of this mysterious name.