ʿnḫ n Brj3n

Any flaws in this Egyptian are my own errors. I am not an Egyptologist, just a big fan of both Egypt and languages. Besides, the point is mostly to be funny, not teach you Egyptian grammar. (And yes, ꜥnn is a valid imperative, but it’s funnier this way.) Medjay. What’s this then? rmṯw wpj=tj m rn… Continue reading ʿnḫ n Brj3n

JFK Part 3: The Questions

Now we look at some of the reasons why the Warren Commission’s conclusion — that Lee Harvey Oswald killed JFK, acting alone, not part of any conspiracy (a.k.a. the “Lone Gunman” theory) — is so hotly disputed. I cannot begin to cover every conspiracy theory possibility out there.  As I said in a previous post,… Continue reading JFK Part 3: The Questions