Estates 101: Inheritance

All right.  You’ve sold all the assets the estate is going to sell and you’re ready to close this chapter of your life, at least legally and financially.  You have to settle the accounts. The optimistic ending.  So in theory, at this point, you take all the money the estate has.  You pay off all… Continue reading Estates 101: Inheritance

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A number of years ago I got into wet shaving: that is, using a traditional shaving brush, soaps and glycerin-based creams instead of pressurized foam goo, and a vintage double-edged razor, you know, with good old razor blades that you carefully stick into a plastic container and get rid of in bulk when they’re dull. … Continue reading Necking

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Tibetan Buddhism Art Project

It will take a long time and a lot of work to produce a thangka (Tibetan Buddhist illustration of a meditation deity) in Adobe Illustrator, but I figured I’d give it a start.  So far, here’s the face of Padmasambhava (Guru Rinpoche), founder of Tibetan Buddhism.


I would normally post this in a more private location, like to a very restricted friends group on Facebook, but I feel, somehow, here it will be more significant.  Also, it got a bit long. A few weeks ago, having gotten my magick and spirituality jumpstarted, and going well, I said “Well, I need some… Continue reading Detox