The Bornless One improved

In the original Bornless papyrus the purpose is not invocation of the HGA, but invocation of the gnostic deity to exorcise an evil spirit from a possessed person. At one point in the GD/Thelemic version we have: This is He […] King, Ruler and Helper. Hear Me, and make all spirits … But in the… Continue reading The Bornless One improved

The Bornless One

So near the end of the Bornless Invocation is the phrase “‘The heart girt with a serpent’ is my name! ” The Greek original of this sentence, in the British museum collection, is “ονομα μοι καρδια περιεζωσμενη οφιν”, “onoma moi kardia periezosmene ophin”, “name my heart girt/girdled/encircled serpent”. I didn’t have anything in my Gematria… Continue reading The Bornless One

A new Tree

So many of my readers know about the Darunumi project: a new language for magical ritual. I just had some realizations about it, and some new direction ideas. I spoke at Crucible about adding two extra paths to the Tree crossing the Abyss; hence Darunumi would have two more letters than Hebrew. I somewhat flippantly referred to this… Continue reading A new Tree


Sometimes, you need to take a radical new approach. Sometimes, to start a radical new approach, you have to make a strong break with the past. My pentacle, as it looked for the last few years: My pentacle, a few minutes ago: My cup, as it looked for the last few years: My cup, a few… Continue reading Radical

Scary words

Crowley translates Hebrew עולה as “common holocaust”.  Yikes. Let’s look into it. First off, he published Sepher Sephiroth years before the rise of Hitler to power.  Whew. Second, he lifted the definition straight from von Rosenroth’s “comm. holocaustû” which dates back centuries. The word actually refers to the Israelites’ burnt offerings, particularly while they were… Continue reading Scary words

The peak and the thorn

I’m going through every Hebrew entry in Crowley’s Sepher Sephiroth (“book of emanations”, or simplified, “book of numbers”) and looking at what each Hebrew word actually means by comparing it to Hebrew Biblical dictionaries, and sometimes looking at modern Hebrew ones too for a backup (being aware of linguistic change, of course). There are lots of typos.  This will… Continue reading The peak and the thorn